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Warre Beehives…A New Experience


In 2007, I discovered a new hive design

This spring (2008) I am experimenting with a new beehive design.  Since I started beekeeping, I have always used the standard ten frame Langstroth hive which is predominant here in America.  In the fall of 2007, I learned of a new hive design through the Organicbeekeepers Group on Yahoo.  This new hive design was named after its developer, Emile Warre.

Emile Warre was a Frenchman who used over 350 different hives in his effort to develop a hive which was simple, low in cost and of benefit to both the honeybees and the beekeeper.  Warre wrote a book which outlines his experiences and demonstrates his hive system, which he called The People’s Hive.  It has been translated into English by Mr. David Heaf of Wales and is available for free download.  Mr. Heaf is also the moderator for the Warrebeekeepers Group on Yahoo. I joined and learned much from the knowledgeable beekeepers on that group.

I began my adventure…

I read Warre’s book and my curiosity was piqued by his take on beekeeping.  I decided to take the plunge.  I downloaded the free plans for the Warre Hive, purchased some wood and nails and built a couple of hives for less than $65 dollars apiece.  I am pleased by how they turned out.  I will post some photos of them soon. I still need to paint them, and will put some bees in them in the very near future.