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Tool List – Warre Hive Construction Guide


Here are some tools that you can use to build a Warre Hive. Some of these tools you may already own, and some you may need to purchase. Feel free to use whatever tools you like as you build your Warre Beehive.

Tape Measure

Hand Saw


Combination Square or Pitch Square

Hand Plane

Utility Knife


Additional Tools and Glue

You may need some additional tools depending on how you build your hive. For instance, you can use a table saw to make the majority of your cuts. I use one since it speeds up my preparation time. Also, you may need an electric screw gun if you choose to use screws instead of nails.

Metric is easier to use than Imperial

If you are using the free Warre hive plans to build your hive, you will notice that all of the measurements are given in centimeters with inches as a secondary measurement. When I first saw this, I went ahead and bought a metric measuring tape. It is easier for me to use the metric units than to translate all of the metric units to imperial units.

A word about glue…some people feel that glue should not be used in beehives. The theory is that glue may emit gasses over time. These gasses may be harmful to the bees inhabiting the hive. On the other hand, there are some who feel that the gas effect of the glue is inconsequential compared to the strength of a glued hive. I personally do not use glue in my hives; however feel free to use some if you want to.

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