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The Floor – Warre Hive Construction Guide


In this section of the Warre Hive Construction Guide we will build the floor. The floor acts as a foundation for the Warre Hive; it supports the hive boxes, quilt and roof. The Warre Hive Floor is fairly easy to build with common woodworking tools. Let’s begin!

Step 1: Prepare the Parts

To build the Warre Hive Floor, we will need to cut the following wood pieces:

You will also need:

First we need to outline where our hive entrance will be. Take one of the floor halves measuring 33.5cm by 16.75cm (13 3/16″ by 6 5/8″) pieces and grab a ruler. Measuring from one edge of the board, mark the following points on the long side of the board:

These are the edge points of our hive entrance. At each of these points, use a square to draw straight lines 5cm (1 15/16″) long at right angles to the edge of the board. Using a straight edge, draw a line connecting the two edge lines to form a rectangle. When finished, your board should look similar to the one below.

Now cut along the two 5cm (1 15/16″) lines with a handsaw or table saw. Stop each cut at the end of the line. See the picture for details.

Take a chisel and remove the extra wood between the two cuts. When finished, you may want to use some sandpaper to smooth out the chiseled area.

Congratulations on preparing all the floor parts! Go on to the next page where we will build the main floor assembly.

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Step 2: Build the Floor

Take both floor halves and lay them on a flat surface. We will attach these together to make our floor. Make sure the hive entrance you just cut is facing outward.

Butt the edges flush together and lay the two short pieces measuring 21cm by 3cm (8 1/4″ by 1 3/16″) pieces crossway over the two floor halves about 1 cm from the edge. Center each piece on the seam formed by the edges of the two larger boards. Fasten the wood together. Be sure to hold the assembly straight as you fasten it.

Now it is time to add the landing board. Rotate the fastened assembly 90 degrees and lay the 41cm by 16cm (16 1/8″ by 6 5/16″) board on the floor. Measure from one edge of the floor and mark a line at the center of the floor. The mark should be made at 16.75cm (6 5/8″). Now, mark the center of landing board. Align the two boards as shown below.

Now measure in from the edge of the floor about 1cm and make a mark with your pencil. Align the edge of the landing board with the mark. Add a fastener to hold the landing board in the center of the floor.

Now flip the floor assembly 180 degrees and measure the distance from each edge of the floor board to the side of the landing board. Nudge the landing board left or right until the distances on each side are equal. Use a fastener to hold the board in place.

Fasten the landing board to the floor assembly. Make sure that you do not put any fasteners where you cut out the wood to create a hive entrance. Here is a picture of the landing board fully fastened.

Congratulations on completing the main floor assembly! Go on to the next page where we will add the legs.

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Step 3: Attach the Legs

To add some legs to our Warre Hive Floor, we will need to cut the following wood pieces:

Take one of the legs and lay one of the feet on it. Center the foot over the post and fasten it in place.

Finish the other three legs in the same manner, attaching the feet of the legs to the posts.

Now we can take our four legs and arrange them under the floor. Once you have aligned them to your liking, fasten them in place from the top, fastening through the floor into the legs .

Here is a view of the underside so you can see how I aligned the feet on my floor.

Congratulations! You have completed the Warre Hive Floor. In the next section, we will build the Warre Hive Box.

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