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Paint and Finish – Warre Hive Construction Guide


In this section of the Warre Hive Construction Guide we will paint and finish the Warre beehive. Adding paint or finish to your beehive protects it from the rain and weather. Finishing a Warre hive is probably the easiest part of the building process. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Prepare the Parts

Take all of the Warre hive components you have built and lay them on some cardboard, newspaper or scrap wood. You can stack the hive boxes if you have more than one. You can also lay thin strips of across two saw horses to provide a place to paint the roof and floor as in the photo above. The quilt does not need to be painted.

Step 2: Apply the Finish

After you have set up your painting area, prepare the paint or finish of your choice and apply it. You can use a rag or paint brush for oil finishes and a paint brush for paint. Be sure to coat all the corners and joints of the hive parts as you apply the finish.

Step 3: Apply a Second Coat

When you are finished applying your finish of choice, let it dry for the period of time recommended by the manufacturers of the finish. When your Warre hive is dry, apply a second coat of finish to further weatherproof your Warre beehive.

Congratulations! You have now finished your Warre Hive! In the next section we will install the Warre Hive.

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