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The Care and Feeding of Your Bees


Springtime is coming. The honeybees are flying on warm winter days, getting ready for the busy time of spring. But are your honeybees ready for the hard work ahead?

Your honeybees are beginning to increase brood production. The queen bee is laying more eggs, and soon the baby bees will be hatching. If your hive does not have enough food, your bees could be in trouble.

So, go check each beehive. You can heft each one to see if the beehive is the proper weight. If you think a beehive is too light, then you will want to give them something to eat.

If you are overwintering Warre Hives, each hive should weigh at least 26 pounds (12 kg). If you hive is lighter than that, you probably need to feed your beehives.

I don’t heft. I just feed all my beehives. I am a lazy smart beekeeper. 😉

Here is what you should feed your bees:

Just keep in mind that sugar water is not very healthy for your bees compared to honey. Also, do not feed sugar if it is still cold and wintery in your area. Doing so could cause dysentery.

I put out some of my own honey for my bees. They are really enjoying the tasty winter treat. You can see them buzzing their thanks in the video above.

P.S. Thanks to my friend Robin for some extra tips I used in this post!