Here is an ever-growing list of links to online beekeeping resources. I update this list on a (somewhat) regular basis. If you want me to link to your site, please leave a reply and I will add your link to the list. Also, if you find a broken link, let me know and I will fix it.

Warre Beekeeping Links

The English Warre Hive Portal

The free e-book ‘Beekeeping For All’ by Emile Warré

Excerpt of Johannes Thür’s book about the principle of nest scent and heat retention (Nestduftwärmebindung)

Warré beekeeping Yahoo group

J. L. Christ’s hive of 1783 which is similar to Warré’s

English Warré beekeeping thread at The Top-Bar Beekeeping

Traditional beekeeping in Japan, similar to Warre

Gilles Denis…Large Scale Beekeeper using Warre Hive’s since 1980’s

Useful Beginning Beekeeping Links

Discover Beekeeping – Beekeeping Made Easy

Bee – Resources for the discerning beekeeper

Michael Bush’s Bee Farm

John’s Beekeeping Notebook

David Cushman’s Beekeeping Pages

Beekeeping in Alberta, Canada

Beekeeping with Conrad Berube

Beekeeping Blogs, Adventures and Stories

City Bees – Urban honey is twice as sweet

BeeLore – A “Blook” about Beekeeping

The Hive Mind Bee Blog

Linda’s Bees – Beekeeping in Atlanta, Georgia

The Barefoot Beekeeper – Chemical-free, organic beekeeping using top bar hives

Canaries in a Coal Mine – Notes on Environmental Sociology and Sustainable Beekeeping

Bees in the Antipodes – Backyard Beekeeping in Aotearoa, New Zealand

Beekeeping Organizations

Oregon Beekeepers Association (Oregon, USA)

Chester County Bee Association (Pennsylvania, USA )

Georgia Beekeepers Association (Georgia, USA)

Jefferson County Beekeepers Association (Missouri, USA)

Montgomery County Beekeepers Association (Maryland, USA)

Nashville Area Beekeeper’s Association (Tennessee, USA)

Greene County Beekeeper’s Association (Ohio, USA)

Northwest Ohio Beekeeper’s Association (Ohio, USA)

Puget Sound Bee Club (Washington, USA)

Santa Clara Valley Beekeepers’ Guild (California, USA)

Tennessee Beekeeper’s Association (Tennessee, USA)

West Sound Bee Club (Washington, USA )

West Virginia Beekeepers’ Association (W VA, USA)

Suppliers of Bee Packages and Queens

Ruhl Bee Supply in Gladstone, Oregon

GloryBee Supplies in Eugene, Oregon

Hawaiian Queen Co. Inc.

Rossman Apiaries

Suppliers of Bees and Queens in the USA

Make Your Own Hive Equipment

Making your own?? Bee Hive Construction Info!

Langstroth Hive Plans

Bee Venom Collector Device

Beekeeping Supplies

Ruhl Bee Supply in Gladstone, Oregon

GloryBee Supplies in Eugene, Oregon

Bee-Commerce – Quality Bee Supplies and Online Advice

Betterbee, Inc. Up-State New York

Bindaree’s in Canberra, Australia

Brushy Mountain Bee Equipment

Country Hill Beekeeping Supplies, New Brunswick, Canada

Cowen Manufacturing

Dadant’s Main Home Page

Manitoba Bee Supply Co-op, Manitoba, Canada

Mann Lake Bee Supplies, Minnesota, USA

Miller Bee Supplies, North Carolina

New England Bee Supplies

Plastools Honey Punch – used for uncapping w/o electricity

On-Line Bee and Bee Supplies Sources

Swienty Bee Supplies – Denmark

Thorne’s Bee Equipment Home Page, U.K.

Western Bee Supply, USA

Bee Biology, Research and General Info – Biology and Research (Great Photos too!)

Honey Information and Recipes

Technical Book on Honey on the Web

Kids’ Favourites Honey Recipes

Lots and Lots of Honey Recipes from Billy Bee Honey

Draper’s Info on Honey

Sourwood Honey

Recipes from the Northhamptonshire Bee Club

Technical Information and Applications of Honey

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14 responses to “Links

  1. Hi Nick
    I’ve really enjoyed your site and have found it very helpful.
    I’m just setting up a small business to build Warre Hives in the UK and would be delighted if you could add a link to my website. I’ve included a reciprocal link at

  2. Excellent list of beekeeping resources, I would welcome the opportunity for you to link my beekeeping blog to this site.
    Thank you for your time,
    Santiago Wallace
    Wallace Family Apiary

  3. A correction on you’re link for mount diablo beekeepers assoc.
    Correct link is-

  4. Michelle Barlow

    Hey, thanks for the site and a great list. I’ve just created an article which explains to beginners how to find decent bee hive plans.


  5. Hi everybody I am a builder of Warre hives and my prices are much cheaper than you will find in most places. You can check out my hives on Ebay and soon on my website. Fred

  6. Hello Nick!
    I have a small hobby website at with just basic information about beekeeping, bees, varroa mites and I hope it may be helpful to anyone who is about to start
    their own apiary or who wants to try beekeeping out of curiosity like i did.
    I would appreciate if you include a link to my site, thanks in advance.

  7. Cedar Beehives (Langstroth) available at Evans Cedar Beehives


  8. Hello,

    This link on your website is broken for Top Bar Hive Beekeeping. Also, could you please add our website under your Beekeeping Organizations.

    Debbie Seib

    • Thanks Debbie, I fixed the link. Your website is just an under construction page, let me know when it’s up and running and I’ll add it to the list.

  9. Hi,

    Would be great were you to add my link

    Many thanks and a Happy Halloween,



    The Thomas Hybrid Hive™ is standardized! Thomas Hybrid Hive™ marries hive types, the Langstroth Hive, and the Kenya Top Bar, with interchange hive TH2 topBARS™. Whether you are rearing brood, transferring brood or placing frames into and out of supers for honey has become easier. A real time and money saver!

    Naturally built wax comb on movable and interchangeable TH2 topBARS™ allows for healthier honeybees and cleaner honey.

  11. Love the sight! I have a couple of links you might enjoy. Here is the first ever purely Warré Forum:
    And my blog which I occasionally feature Warré Hives and beekeeping:

  12. Hello
    I need to bee venom collector device, you can help me.
    Thank you

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