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Are You Ready?

The Bee Space is moving! Not immediately, but very soon…

We’re moving!

I have been working on a new project that will benefit you if you are interested in backyard and beginning beekeeping!

It has taken longer than I thought, but this new project will be ready very soon.

Part of the project is that The Bee Space will become part of another, larger site dedicated entirely to the Warre style of Top Bar Hive Beekeeping!

You will have access to more Top Bar Beekeeping information and resources, but in a better and easier to use format.

So, subscribe to my feed right now. You don’t want to be left in the dark when things change around here!



Wasp and Honeybees

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Grab the FeedBurner Feed!

FeedBurnerThe Bee Space Blog is now available through FeedBurner!  FeedBurner is a great (and free) service that takes the RSS feed from the blog here,  “burns” or imprints it with awesome features and then syndicates the feed to any and all subscribers.  You can subscribe through your favorite feed reader, or by email.  With email, you can have the latest posts delivered right to your inbox.  You can subscribe by reader or you can subscribe by email. It is fast and easy, and you will have the latest posts delivered right where you want them.  Couldn’t be better!