Bee Cam

At the Hive Entrance

The Front Porch

Honeybee in flight

Another of my honeybees

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23 responses to “Bee Cam

  1. This is so cool. I must admit it did make me squirm a bit!

  2. thehunkygardener – I am glad that you liked the videos. More to come in the future!

  3. Awesome! Great pictures and videos. Warms my little heart.:)

  4. Michael – Thanks for your encouraging comment!

  5. That’s pretty amazing!

  6. Just viewed your videos. Wow it’s so great to see them doing what they do up close. I love bees, can’t wait to see more.

  7. Those still shots are pretty nice too.

  8. The movies are amazing…I wouldn’t have had the nerve to get that close to them even with a bee hat on. The still pictures are also very nice.

  9. Love the Videos. Looks like the hive(s) are doing very well. I just started mine last year and hope they will stay strong.

  10. That was wonderful! I do have a question, though. In “At the Hive Entrance,” at about 27 seconds one of the bees taps the entrance board with her abdomen a couple of times; what is she doing?

    I’m so glad I found you site!

  11. Great shots!
    You must make your mom proud!

  12. Total cuteness!
    They feel like a vibrating Q-Tip when they walk on you.
    GREAT footage!!!

  13. Varsham Patvakanian, MA

    I like those little eagles!

  14. Good videos!!! The bigger the hive, the better!!! If alot of bees hang out on the porch, it helps prevent yellow jackets from attacking!! The more bees a hive has, the better defences that they will have…

  15. What kind of camera did you use to take that video?

  16. Information is very useful because I have never seen on made before ,thank you.

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