How to Keep Baby Bees Out of Your Honey Without Even Trying

Honey Bee Brood and LarvaNot much is worse than checking on a beehive…and seeing a lot of baby bee cells in with your honey.

You can’t get the honey out without killing the baby bees. And you can’t get the baby bees out without ruining the honey.

Not a good situation.

So how do you keep the baby bees out of the honey?
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How to Build a Beehive for Free

You can build a Warre Hive for free! Don’t you just love it when you get great ideas? I know I do. This idea is a really good one too…

We all want stuff for free. So what if you could build a bee hive for free? That’s right…no materials cost, no wood cost, no glue cost. Free.

Free Beehives?

Would you do it?

Here is the basic idea…
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Are You Ready?

The Bee Space is moving! Not immediately, but very soon…

We’re moving!

I have been working on a new project that will benefit you if you are interested in backyard and beginning beekeeping!

It has taken longer than I thought, but this new project will be ready very soon.

Part of the project is that The Bee Space will become part of another, larger site dedicated entirely to the Warre style of Top Bar Hive Beekeeping!

You will have access to more Top Bar Beekeeping information and resources, but in a better and easier to use format.

So, subscribe to my feed right now. You don’t want to be left in the dark when things change around here!

Christmas Gift Giving for Beekeepers

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat…or so the old saying goes. With Christmas comes presents and gift giving…and receiving!

If you have ever wondered what to get a beekeeper for Christmas, wonder no longer! Here are some gifts that any beekeeper would give his/her best bee suit to receive. Well, maybe not a bee suit, but you get my point.

Without further fanfare, here is a beekeeper’s wish list:
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Wasp and Honeybees

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The Bee Space is a blog about smart, simple and sustainable beekeeping.
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