First Hive in Use

First Warre Hive in Colorado

On Tuesday, April 22, 2008, I installed a package of bees in the first Warre Hive here in Northern Colorado, USA. It has been one week since then, and the bees are happily living in their new home. They have been bringing in a good bit of pollen and and nectar. There is a creek in the gully near the hive, so I do not need put out any water for them.

I checked last night and they have already drawn out one bar of comb to the floor and are working diligently on the other comb. I will add another hive box within two weeks…possibly sooner depending on how good the nectar flow is, how good the weather is and how strong the bee package will turn out to be. There are so many variables in a honeybee’s world!

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2 responses to “First Hive in Use

  1. I’ve never kept bees, but have been reading/studying the topic over the last couple of years and plan to build some Warre Hives this winter to have ready for spring. Thanks for sharing your experience, I’ll follow your progress.

  2. I have built a warre with two hive boxes for my back yard but have not yet aquired any bees. My question is, specifically, hows one install bees into a warre hive? Do you just dump in the top hive box or perhaps remove a few top bars and load them through that space into the next box down? Please let me know. Gerry

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