A Recreational Beehicle

This last week I received a call from a person who had honeybees in the back of his RV.  I guess the bees just wanted some rest and relaxation.  However, the RV owner did not want the bees!  So, he called me and I went out to take a look.

He was astonished to see a lot of bees flying

The owner informed me that he had let his RV sit for over two years.  He was just now getting ready to sell it.  The owner had not noticed anything out of the ordinary when he was inside the RV, but when he went to the back to check on something…he was astonished to see a lot of bees flying in and out through a keyhole in a cubbyhole door.  So, he gave me a call.  When I got there, I went around back of the RV and opened the door to the cubbyhole. (I put on my bee suit first!)  Sure enough, they had built a nest right inside the cupboard.

Honeybees in RV
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Materials List – Warre Hive Construction Guide

In this part of the Warre Hive Construction Guide we will look at the materials needed to build a Warre Hive. Warre hives are pretty simple to make. You only need five basic materials: wood, fasteners (like nails or screws), permeable cloth, insulating material and a finish to coat the assembled hive. Let’s take a look at the wood first.
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Hot Weather + Nectar Flow = Busy Bees

Mid 90’s in the shade

Talk about hot!  It has been hot here in this last week,  The weather is cooler now…but last week we had several days of mid 90’s F in the shade. Regardless of how we humans feel, the bees seem to cope with the heat rather well.  My bees have been very busy gathering the last of the blackberry nectar flow and carrying it home to ripen into honey.   They are also gathering another liquid in large quantities…water.

Bee Drinking Water
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Tool List – Warre Hive Construction Guide

Here are some tools that you can use to build a Warre Hive. Some of these tools you may already own, and some you may need to purchase. Feel free to use whatever tools you like as you build your Warre Beehive.

Tape Measure

Tape Measure
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Bees like Water too!

Here is another great picture from Wikipedia.  This cute honeybee is drinking some water.  By the way, it can be hot this time of year, so be sure to have some water available for your honeybees.   Just fill a pie pan with water and place a couple of rocks in it.  Make sure the rocks rise above the water a bit to give the bees something to stand on.   The honeybees will take the water and put it into their hive.   As the bees fan their hive entrance, the water evaporates and helps to cool the beehive.  Very smart little creatures!
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Amazing Honeybee Photo

Here is an amazing photo of a honeybee collecting pollen.  I found it on Wikipedia.  If you click on the photo, it will open in a larger size.  Enjoy!
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Listen to Your Bees

Here is a great article that I thought you might find interesting.  Enjoy!

Listening to Your Bees

by Peter Dight

I believe the hiss is a warning…

I’ve a reasonable library of beekeeping books, and a couple of years ago I was reading an old book which mentioned listening to your bees to see if they are going to swarm.  It told of how a queenright colony, when their hive is sharply tapped upon, will react by ‘hissing’.  I believe the hiss is the bee equivalent to a warning signal, generated by a section of the population fluttering its wings in response to the vibration caused by the tap.
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